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Mała Ziemia


(20 reviews)

Nowa Wieś-Śladów 17A, Nowa Wieś-Śladów, Voivodeship mazowieckie, Poland

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Pets are welcome

Bring your pet and relax all together!


We are Monia and Michal - yoga instructor and book author. During the pandemic, we traveled for a year in our vintage van across the south of Europe to return to Poland and build the house we dreamed of while wandering. This is how the year-round house - Little Earth - was created. It is created perfectly for you, because we also created it as a perfect place for us. When creating the cottage, design was the most important thing for us. We tried to choose furniture and accessories so that they were unconventional things, so that just looking at them gave pleasure, and using them was a good feeling. We wanted the cottage to be beautiful but also well planned. It is small and modest but you will definitely breathe space and feel harmony here. A year of living in an RV taught us minimalism and made us realize that many of the things that surround us on a daily basis we don't really need. That's why we kept the number of items to a minimum. Only the essentials are left. The coolest things alone. The house breathes creativity. Cute and engaging albums will take you on a journey through any of the unconventional themes. While engaging games and unusual accessories, will awaken your child's curiosity. We also value tranquility, and not just the one around us. Peace of mind and a look inside ourselves are equally important to us. That's why we have created for you a selection of items that will help you meditate, do yoga or simply reflect on who and what you are. In our humble kitchen you will find a stove and a refrigerator. In addition, a pour-over coffee maker, good coffee for it and a few essential dishes and items. There is a small pizza oven outside (warn us if you want to use it). You'll stock up at a neighboring store or pop out to a restaurant or pizza place. Our site is an unfenced two hectares of meadows, away from the neighbors. The surroundings are sure to amaze you. There are endless forests of the Kampinos National Park, a picturesque river and long meadows and fields. It's easy to spot deer here, and sometimes fox and moose. If you want more, jump on a horse at a nearby stable or rent kayaks. But you can also just stay on our land, relax in a sauna or hammock and watch the birds with binoculars. The cottage is quite small and we designed it for 2 people. However, if you really care, you can bring your friends here, they will be able to sleep on a comfortable 140 cm sofa bed. Just remember that it may be a bit tighter then!:) The cottage is year-round. On hot summer days you will be cooled by air conditioning, and in the summer it will be warmed by an ecological heat pump. Also, do not worry about the temperature! We have WiFi in the cottage. We wanted to create a place without internet, but many people ask about internet for work so we yielded:) Admittedly, the internet works on average due to the distance from the transmitter, but emails can be written. At the weekend the minimum length of stay is 2 nights (Friday+Saturday)


  • Pets accepted

  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • Electric hookup

  • Fireplace

  • Sauna

  • Bike rental

  • Canoe rental

  • Garbage cans

  • Running water

  • WiFi

Available activities

  • Sightseeing

  • Biking trails

  • Non-demanding hiking trails

  • Kayaking

  • Horse riding


  • Forest

  • River

  • Nature reserve

Additional fees

  • Sauna fee (100 gotówką na miejscu)

Booking Policy

Check-in time: From 14:00

Check-out Time: Until 11:00

Non-refundable reservation


Nowa Wieś-Śladów 17A, Nowa Wieś-Śladów, Voivodeship mazowieckie, Poland



Average of 20 reviews






about 1 year ago

We spent a four-day wonderful summer weekend at the cottage. From the very beginning, communication with the owner of Little Earth was top-notch. Michael sent us all the directions we needed and answered our questions promptly. Little Earth is located at the small end of the world, close neighbors are absent, only flying birds in sight. Well, and animals walking in the surrounding bushes and forests. The surrounding area is really quiet. The cottage itself is well-equipped, in fact, we did not lack anything. Bed mega comfortable, hot water, kitchen with all the necessary equipment, great working air conditioning. There is a pizza oven, there is a grill and a fireplace. In the cottage a lot of interesting books and games. It is impossible to get bored there, although in such a cool place it is also super to do nothing and lie in the sun on the terrace, and in the evening from the deck chairs watch the starry sky. Perfect. The time spent in Little Earth was fantastic and allowed us to have a great rest. From our side we give a rating of 11/10 and heartily recommend it!

Malwa user
almost 2 years ago

An unfenced space of green, brown and all shades of golden beige.... at least in September, in the summer the greenery could intimidate. And inside a very nice little, everything that is, has a function and is needed and in addition, basically everything pleases the eye intrigues delights with design.... And propo view! From every place in the cottage is the oaks, pines, mimosa birches and grasses.... it's a wonderful piece of Earth to ground yourself, to listen to yourself. For everything around you is soothing and calming. We recommend Yah non-flower and Earth_dog


Michał host Mała Ziemia


We are Michael and Monia - a book author and yoga instructor. During the pandemic, we lived and traveled around southern Europe in our vintage van for a year. Once you feel life in nature, the wind in your hair and wake up in a different place every day, it's hard to go back to your career and city life. That's why we decided to create a new place to help get away from that. What is ultimately intended to be a larger yoga retreat's, for now is one small house:) But we invite you to hide in it and spend your time differently. Above all, we value creativity and constantly strive to get to know ourselves. That is why our little house is like that too - interesting and sensual.

Mała Ziemia - frequent questions

During your stay at Mała Ziemia, the following are at your disposal: shower, toilet, electric hookup, fireplace, sauna, bike rental, canoe rental, garbage cans, running water, wifi.

The additional fee in Mała Ziemia is Sauna fee which is 100 gotówką na miejscu.

On the Mała Ziemia premises at your disposal are: fireplace, sauna.

While in Mała Ziemia, the available activities are: sightseeing, biking trails, non-demanding hiking trails, kayaking, horse riding.

The site is located in Nowa Wieś-Śladów (province mazowieckie).

Yes, Mała Ziemia is a facility equipped with heating, so you can come here at any time of the year.