Terms and conditions for the users of AlohaCamp services („T&Cs” or If you are dissatisfied with our services, you can file a complaint („Complaint”). In the Complaint, you must specify what problems you have encountered and what you are demanding. You must also identify yourself properly so that we know who we respond to the complaint. We will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days.)

Read carefully our Terms, which contain the terms and conditions of using the website (the „Website”), the rules for making reservations for travel services („Reservations”) and your other rights and obligations. The Terms also define the rules on which we provide you with our services related to access to the Website.

  1. Who are we and what do we do?

    We are AlohaCamp. Our formal, official name is AlohaCamp S.A. with headquarters in Warsaw at ul. Puławska 77 lok U.5, 02-595 Warsaw („We”, „AlohaCamp”), tax number 5213940209, court register number (KRS) 0000922633, statistical number REGON 52000312500000. We run a marketplace website where various travel service providers („Hosts”) such as hotel services, other accommodation services, entities that offer sightseeing services list their offers and allow you to make Reservations, including paying for the Reservations.
    The website also allows you to contact the Hosts regarding the Reservations. Through the account that you open on the Website („Account”), you can also check the history of your Reservations, their status and manage them (e.g. ask the Hosts for additional services as part of the Reservation or change the number of people who will use the Reservation with you). However, remember that AlohaCamp is not the travel services provider. The Hosts are responsible for all aspects related to conducting and fulfilling the Reservation, i.e. in particular the Hosts are responsible for the quality of your stay, accommodation, catering services, sightseeing services, etc.

  2. Rules for using our Website and making a reservation

    You can use our Website and make Reservations only if you are an adult (at least 18 years of age). Using our Website is simple - you just need to register and create an Account. In order to open an Account, you will have to enter your email address and set a password. In the process of opening an Account, we will also ask you for other data, such as name and age. Remember that the password should be safe and different from passwords used on other websites. By opening an Account on our Website, you enter with Us into a legally binding contract for the provision of electronic services („Agreement”). The contract is free of charge and is concluded for an indefinite period. You can terminate the Agreement at any time by sending us a message terminating the Agreement or by deleting your Account on the Website.
    While opening an Account, you declare that the personal data provided by you is true and reliable, and in the event of their change, you undertake to change them. In connection with the concluded Agreement, you may not publish or send to the Website content that is vulgar, offensive, unlawful, violating personal rights or the rights of third parties. Within 14 days from the date of concluding the Agreement with us, you can withdraw from it by sending us a notice of withdrawal. All you have to do is send them by e-mail or by post before the withdrawal period.

    As indicated above, on the Website, the Hosts present the offer of tourist services they provide. If these offers interest you, you can make a Reservation. The booking is made via the System and consists in selecting a specific Host's offer, including accepting the price for the services provided by the Host, providing the required data by you, such as: (1) date of making the Booking (e.g. date of stay with the Host), (2) number of people who will use the Reservation (3) time of arrival at the Host’s premises, (4) your contact details (email, telephone number), (5) additional requests. In order to make a Reservation, you will need to make full payment for the Reservation in advance („Payment for the Reservation”). Payment for the Reservation is made via the Website, using the payment operator integrated with the Website („Payment Operator”). In order to pay for the Reservation, you will have to provide your payment card details or pay in a different way, e.g. with your phone. Payment for the Reservation must be made during the reservation process, or if you send an inquiry to the Host about the possibility of Reservation - within the time limit indicated by the Host. Otherwise, your Booking will not be confirmed and travel services will not be booked. Any irregularities in the Booking Payment process must be reported to the Payment Operator.

    By making a Reservation, you conclude a legally binding contract with the Host, the subject of which is the Host to provide you with the services specified in the Booking („Contract with the Host”). Remember that AlohaCamp is not a party to this contract and is not responsible for the provision of services by the Host to you. We are not responsible in particular for: (1) the actual availability of the services offered by the Host, (2) the way the services are provided by the Host, (3) the quality of service by the Host, (4) the costs that you incur in connection with the stay or use of the Host's services.

    You accept that AlohaCamp will provide the Host with the necessary personal data so that the Host can fulfill your Booking. We will provide the Host with your name, telephone number and details regarding the Booking. You accept that the Host may, on his own or through the Website, contact you, e.g. in order to provide more detailed instructions regarding your stay or directions to the premises.

    We try to make the offer presented on the Website by the Hosts as complete and reliable as possible. However, it is the Hosts who are responsible for the correctness and reliability of the information provided to us regarding their offers. If you are missing certain information or the information provided by the Host is incomplete or misleading, please let us know. Also, let us know if the Host has failed to fulfill or breached the Contract with the Host.

  3. Reservation cancellation

    Due to the fact that the tourist services offered by the Hosts are excluded from the provisions of the EU directive on consumer rights, you are not entitled to withdraw from the Agreement with the Host. However, during the booking process, you are informed about the conditions of cancellation of the Reservation, including the financial conditions of the cancellation. Please note that the Host may charge you a fee for canceling your Reservation, or the Host will not refund you the Payment for the Reservation. While making a Reservation, all the details about cancellation policy are prominently visible, so please ensure that you are familiar with them. You acknowledge that the Host is solely obliged to reimburse the money paid and AlohaCamp liability for such refund is excluded. Please contact the Host for a refund.

  4. Intellectual property

    All intellectual property rights to the Website are owned by AlohaCamp. You can use the Website on private use basis only.

  5. Termination of your participation in the Website

    AlohaCamp reserves the right to terminate your participation in the Website and delete your Account if you break the provisions of the Terms or violate the law in connection with the use of the Website. You will be informed about the violation of the Terms or the violation of the law. We will give you a time of not less than 15 days to remedy the breach. If you fail to do so, we will terminate the Agreement with you and delete your Account.

  6. Amendments to the Terms

    We reserve the right to change the Terms at any time for important reasons with a notification period of at least 15 days. Important reasons that allow us to amend the Terms are: (1) changes to the law that affect our business (2) the need to counteract fraud or abuse, (3) improving the privacy protection of you or the Hosts, (4) changes in the privacy policy (5) improving the operation of the Website, (6) changes in the provision of services, including the development of new services. In justified cases, we can change the Terms without the above-mentioned deadline, e.g. if the legal changes enter into force in less than 15 days or we are required to do so by the competent state authorities. We will inform you about the planned change to the Terms by e-mail. We can also display the relevant information on the amendment to the Terms on the Website. If you do not accept the changes to the Terms, you should terminate the Agreement with at your earliest convenience by deleting your Account or sending us a termination notice.

  7. Complaints

    If you are dissatisfied with our services, you can file a complaint („Complaint”). In the Complaint, you must specify what problems you have encountered and what you are demanding. You must also identify yourself properly so that we know who we respond to the complaint. We will respond to the complaint as soon as possible, but no later than within 30 days.

  8. Governing Law and Disputes

    The law applicable to the Terms is Polish law. If you are a consumer, you have the option of submitting out-of-court complaint to the EU ODR internet platform, available at the following address: If you are not a consumer, any disputes against the Terms will be settled by a common court competent for the seat of AlohaCamp in Warsaw, Poland.

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