Guidelines for publishing reviews

At AlohaCamp, we want Guests who use the services of our Hosts to be able to share their opinions about their stay, the organisation of the place and their overall impressions of the place and the Host. Such feedback is very important for users of our platform who are looking for a place that suits them.

We do our best to provide reliable and helpful information while ensuring that the feedback is authentic, respectful and by the rules and our internal guidelines.

Remember, we are a neutral platform - we do not reject negative reviews or promote the addition of positive reviews. The tone and content of the feedback is up to the visitor.

Who can write a review?

A review can only be written by a Guest who has booked a stay with a Host via the AlohaCamp platform and has completed such a stay. The actual stay at the Host is not necessarily to write an opinion, however, such a situation is an exception and may concern situations like cancellation of the stay by the Host after the Guest arrives at the place or 48 hours before the planned arrival date, failure of the Guest to provide a replacement service in a situation when there was no room at the Host for the Guest.

Who cannot write a review?

Neither the Host nor his/her relatives can write a review of their property. Also, people who have not booked a stay through the AlohaCamp platform cannot write a review. An opinion cannot be written by artificial intelligence.

How can you write a review?

After your stay, we will send you an email asking you to write a review. In the email, you will find a link to the feedback form.

What can a review contain?

The feedback must include your personal experience with the Host. You can also describe situations not related to you, which happened during your stay but which you directly witnessed (e.g. a pipe burst in another room and water poured into the corridor).

Examples of topics that can be addressed in the opinion:

  • the condition of the property (maintenance of the accommodation and facilities, cleanliness, etc.),

  • the Host's attitude towards Guests,

  • possibility to use additional activities,

  • access and parking of the car,

  • quality of meals,

  • the surroundings of the accommodation.

What cannot a review contain?

A review cannot contain information that is untrue, false or misleading. The opinion must also not contain unlawful content, advertising or violate the personal rights of the Host, AlohaCamp or third parties. Nor may the opinion be vulgar or harassing. An opinion may not contain the personal data of third parties (e.g. other Guests). Opinions may not be added in exchange for any form of remuneration. Opinions may not be added by third parties on your behalf.

What are the general rules for adding reviews?

  • Be specific
    Try to describe facts in your opinion. Refrain from valuing them.

  • Be honest
    Describe your personal experience honestly.

  • Be understandable
    Write in clear language so that opinion readers can easily understand it.

  • Respect yourself and others
    Remember that even a critical opinion can be written in a balanced way with good manners and respect for others.

What rights does AlohaCamp have over reviews?

Before publishing an opinion, we moderate it. If an opinion does not comply with our guidelines, we may contact the Guest who wrote it indicating what elements of the opinion do not meet the guidelines. In doing so, we always remain neutral and independent of the Guest and the Host.

We never influence the intention or tone of a review. Our role is only to ensure that the opinions meet these guidelines. However, if we detect false opinions, not factually accurate or in violation of these guidelines, we may remove them to protect our users from false or misleading opinions. We may also ask the parties concerned to confirm the incident described in the opinion. However, if we do not receive evidence to support this, we may remove the opinion.

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