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Radomice ogródki działkowe 309/3, Radomice, Voivodeship dolnośląskie, Poland

Free cancellation

When cancelled before the 21 days before arrival, you get 100% refund.

Meals available

This property has an optional meal service available if you'd like to enjoy!

Space to work

This facility offers space suitable for remote working.


Melded with its surroundings, the big-eyed, cozy, organically edged Asian yurt wraps around like loving arms. A comfortable dwelling combined with a wonderful space. Named after the Harbinger - Alabai, the Central Asian sheepdog of my life, who accompanied me here as a puppy. Apparently, it was meant to be. Alabay. Help yourselves! In the yurt will be most comfortable for two people, but even four can manage. And from May to September you can add two of your own tents with equipment for up to 4 people. You have a common kitchen and bathroom in the yurt, a large covered table in the garden and a composting additional forest toilet with a view of the mountains :). So a maximum of 8 people can come in the summer season! Adding a two-person tent costs 200 PLN per day, we settle for tents on site. Willingness to come with tents we notify at the time of booking the yurt. Alabayka is a secluded, isolated place and meets the sanitary regime. The yurt is not large, optimal for a couple. However, it accommodates four people, the mattresses are two and can be spread out for the night. The bathroom has a warm blower serving the rest of the space as well. The basis for heating is a wood stove. The yurt is insulated and it is really warm inside. The air conditioner is used only when the thermal conditions require it, i.e. plus 30, minus 10. Decent home internet, social games, maps. Firewood is prepared, but it is necessary to break a little, sometimes chop, bring in. After booking, you can order delicious vegetarian food. This is an option for those who, instead of cooking or going to restaurants, prefer to eat on site and enjoy local specialties. And you will eat what you feel like and when you feel like it, because you are indivisibly ruled by yourself in the yurt. You have coffee, demerara and tea at your disposal. After making a reservation, you can order delicious homemade food, ready to be reheated damselfly. Everything is vege, without sugar, cow's milk and wheat, fresh and made from products from friendly eco-farmers. We'll also send you the addresses of recommended restaurants in the mail - you don't have to deal with searching for yummy food. Alabayka is a comfortable year-round yurt on the Radomice ridge in the Beaver Valley overlooking the Karkonosze range. A completely secluded place, immersed in beautiful nature and silence. A refuge for those wanting a break from everything. We are very sorry, but the yurt is not adapted to the presence of animals.


  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • Electric hookup

  • Fireplace

  • WiFi

  • Garbage cans

  • Water hookup

  • Running water

  • Place to work

  • Meals available

Available activities

  • Sightseeing

  • Climbing

  • Biking trails

  • Non-demanding hiking trails

  • Mountain trekking

  • Kayaking

  • Boating

  • Horse riding


  • Forest

  • Mountains

  • Nature reserve

Additional fees

  • Optional meals (120)

Booking Policy

Check-in time: From 15:00

Check-out Time: Until 10:00

FREE cancellation: up to 21 days before date of arrival


Radomice ogródki działkowe 309/3, Radomice, Voivodeship dolnośląskie, Poland



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10 months ago

Alabaya is a place where time stops. Wonderfully quiet, intimate, magical.... For anyone who needs a bit of solitude. Two days spent at the Alabayka Yurt allowed me to calm down, catch some distance, and during long walks and communing with nature I recharged my batteries. The area is beautiful, unspoiled, and the local community is friendly and welcoming. Ms. Marto- thank you for your offer. Warm greetings and I hope that next time we will meet in person 🫶 Agnieszka

over 1 year ago

Alabayka is a great place for people who need a reset from the city and other people (you are totally secluded here - for us it was a huge advantage that 20m away there is no other Alabayka, or someone else's house :) ) There is everything you need for a shorter trip "out of town" a naturally lit space, plenty of wood to keep warm, a comfortable bathroom, a comfortable mattress and many other amenities to make us feel super here! There is also somewhere to walk and something to explore :) We will definitely come back here!


Marta host Ałabajka


Languages I speak: Polish, English

I am a Varsovian in love with Jizera, Karkonosze and Kaczawy, who from the bottom of her heart shares with guests the immeasurable treasures of the local fabulous land.

Ałabajka - frequent questions

According to the booking rules, you can check in from 15:00 and check out no later than 10:00. If you would like to set individual arrival times, please contact the Ałabajka property owner directly.

While in Ałabajka, the available activities are: sightseeing, climbing, biking trails, non-demanding hiking trails, mountain trekking, kayaking, boating, horse riding.

Yes, in Ałabajka you have the possibility to buy additional meals.

Yes, at the Ałabajka facility you have the possibility to cancel your booking. You must do this at the latest 21 days before your planned arrival. The refund will then be 100%.

Yes, Ałabajka is the perfect place to work remotely. You will find a dedicated space for this and free wifi.

The site is located in Radomice (province dolnośląskie).