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Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience


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calleja mateo sn, muñoveos, Province Segovia, Spain

Free cancellation

When cancelled before the 14 days before arrival, you get 100% refund.

Meals available

This property has an optional meal service available if you'd like to enjoy!


Discover a unique experience in our bubble hotel, where you can live unforgettable moments under the starry sky. Imagine resting in a huge bed surrounded by the stars, soaking in a Jacuzzi with panoramic views of the sky (included in the price) and waking up at dawn to recharge your batteries with a breakfast (breakfast included) of fresh local products. In our bubbles, you will enjoy all the comforts, including a private plot with jacuzzi, air conditioning and heating to ensure your comfort at all times. We care about your rest, that's why we offer you a high quality bed to guarantee an unparalleled experience. Contemplate the universe from your bubble with our telescope that will allow you to explore satellites, planets and more. Immerse yourself in an exclusive environment and enjoy a unique stay. Our accommodation is located in Muñoveros, just a stone's throw from Madrid, in the heart of Tierra de Pinares in Segovia. From here, you can explore some of Spain's most charming towns and cities, such as Segovia, Sepulveda, Pedraza and Turégano, and immerse yourself in their history, traditions and gastronomy. Follow the trails and admire the cliffs and rock formations of the Hoces del Duratón Natural Park or venture into the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park. In our bubble hotel, we invite you to dream both day and night, live, dream and love under the stars!


  • Shower

  • Toilet

  • Electric hookup

  • Grill

  • Bike rental

  • Canoe rental

  • Restaurant

  • Store with local products

  • WiFi

  • Water hookup

  • Jacuzzi

  • Pool

  • Towels

  • Bed linen

  • Toilet paper

  • Air conditioning

  • Fireplace

  • Only for adults (18+)

  • Hair dryer

  • Soap

  • Shampoo

  • Coffee machine / coffeemaker

  • Dishes, glasses and cutlery

  • Refrigerator

  • Running water

  • Meals available

  • Fenced area

  • Agritourism

  • Facilities for people with disabilities

Available activities

  • Sightseeing

  • Swimming

  • Biking trails

  • Non-demanding hiking trails

  • Mountain trekking

  • Kayaking

  • Boating

  • Water sports

  • Fishing

  • Horse riding

  • Massages / Spa Treatments

  • Animal farm

  • Yoga classes


  • Town / Village Este Hotel burbuja esta localizado en un pequeño pueblo de Segovia, llamado Muñoveros, muy cerca de otros mas conocidos como Pedraza, Turegano o Sepulveda

  • Lake A menos de 20 min esta el embalse de burgomillodo y el de las vencias, ambos forman parte de Rio Duratón

  • Forest La región la suelen conocer como Mar de Pinares

  • Mountains Desde la burbuja se puede ver claramente la sierra de Segovia(Somosierra, La Pinilla,...)

  • River Rio cega, Rio Duraton, Rio Eresma

  • Nature reserve Parque natural Hoces del rio duraton


  • By car Para los viajeros de madrid recomendamos que usen la A1 para ahorrar combustible o el puerto de navacerrada para disfrutar de las maravillosas vistas siempre y cuando vengan sin prisa

  • By public transport la empresa de autobuses que tiene lineas al pueblo se llama "Linecar"

  • By train El tren de alta velocidad hasta Segovia desde Madrid cuesta cerca de 20€

  • By plane Estamos a 1:40h del aeropuerto de madrid barajas y a 120km del aeropuerto de valladolid

  • By Taxi en segovia podemos proporcionar numero de telefono de varios taxistas dependiendo de la zona

Booking Policy

Check-in time: From 17:00

Check-out Time: Until 12:00

FREE cancellation: up to 14 days before date of arrival


calleja mateo sn, muñoveos, Province Segovia, Spain



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about 2 months ago

A special gift to give to your partner. The bubble was beautiful and the views were spectacular. Everything was great, the stay and the receptionist.


Federico host Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience


Languages I speak: Spanish, English

We are Inma and Fede, two restless souls who have transformed our passion for the rural world, astronomy and people into a dream come true. We have created rural lodgings, Casa Rural Inma and Casa Rural Navega, as well as the charming Complejo Tarantini. When we said goodbye to our clients, they often asked us if we had any special space for couples. From there COSMOVEROS was born, our most intimate and exclusive project, a place where every detail has been carefully designed to give you a unique experience of relaxation, rest and connection as a couple

Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience - frequent questions

Yes, it is possible to instantly book and pay for your stay at Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience. This way you will receive confirmation of your booking immediately.

No, catering is not available at Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience, but there is a restaurant a short distance away.

Yes, bike hire and canoe hire are available here.

While in Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience, the available activities are: sightseeing, swimming, biking trails, non-demanding hiking trails, mountain trekking, kayaking, boating, water sports, fishing, horse riding, massages / spa treatments, animal farm, yoga classes.

The additional fee in Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience is Tourist tax which is 20 EUR/per person per day.

During your stay at Cosmoveros, Bubble Experience, the following are at your disposal: shower, toilet, electric hookup, grill, bike rental, canoe rental, restaurant, store with local products, wifi, water hookup, jacuzzi, pool, towels, bed linen, toilet paper, air conditioning, fireplace, hair dryer, soap, shampoo, coffee machine / coffeemaker, dishes, glasses and cutlery, refrigerator, running water, meals available, fenced area, agritourism, parking space at the property, flat pavement to allow movement around the property, shower without a threshold, space and bed spacing for wheelchairs.